The Gold Line

Many professional sports teams are now beginning to allow athletes to use CBD as a part of their health and wellness routine. The professional 3-on-3 basketball league that features former NBA players, announced it has become the first U.S. pro sports league to permit the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for pain management and recovery. CBD is now becoming very popular among many professional athletes. Inflammation and pain are one of the many ailments that CBD is known to remedy, but that is just the beginning. Many athletes suffer from anxiety, lack of focus,stress and low energy levels. Spektrum Life has perfected the ideal formula that allows athletes to experience the ultimate “Entourage Effect”. Our phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil is infused with terpenes to enhance focus and energy without any THC. THC is known for its psychoactive effects which counteract the ability to steady your mind and body to perform optimally. Because our broad spectrum oil does not contain THC, it will not get you high and it is completely legal. Our Gold Line was formulated to act as an anti-inflammatory to help prevent joint injury during physical activities and may reduce soreness from swelling during a practice or game. CBD is also notorious for its antidepressant properties and many people with anxiety disorders have turned away from harmful and habit forming antidepressants and opiates and have turned to non-habit forming, all natural CBD Oils. The Gold Line may help you with the following: inflammation, pain relief, reduced game day stress and anxiety, faster recovery time, boost immune system and control appetite and weight gain.


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