Who We Are

Spektrum Life was founded in Miami Beach, Florida with a goal to enhance the bridge between the body and mind by providing an exceptional balance of the highest quality broad spectrum products and knowledgeable customer care. Our members are from all walks of life, ranging from athletes, to children, to our beloved elderly community and we strive to better the quality of their lives on a daily basis. It is our personal goal to reach every individual who wants their body to perform at its highest and best potential by experiencing the “Entourage Effect” and its large spectrum of benefits. We have created a support team called Life Support, to aid our clients with any questions regarding our products and the industry. Our Life Support team consists of customer service representatives with years of experience in this industry who can guide you in the right direction when choosing which of our products will work best for you. Our team also consists of physicians, chemists, and agriculturalist who work to ensure all your Spektrum Life needs and expectations are met.

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