How We Grow

After years of research, Spektrum Life has partnered with the industry’s top leaders to provide our customers with the highest and best quality phytocannabinoid and terpenoid rich strains with zero THC. We strive to be the forerunners in the industry by focusing on maintaining the most innovated technology and richest hemp plant farms in the United States. Our exceptional team of chemists and agriculturalists ensure that all our products come from 100% all natural hemp plants and continuously test our product from harvest to production. We aim for superior genetics by hand selecting specimens with stronger roots which yield a much healthier plant. Our hemp plants produce a minimum of 15% CBD and 0% THC and are specifically bred from the most medicinally high cannabidiol strains of medical hemp on the market. Our farms are all US farm bill compliant.

All of Spektrum Life product lines will always comply and fully conform to the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 along with any and all laws in the industry. Our products are GMO free, pesticide free, 100% organic, professional grade formulated, ISO 9001 certified, ISO 22716 certified, CGMP and OTC register and certified, EPA and FDA registered, compliant, and always third party tested.


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